Inexperienced people may find it hard to make a catering plan for an event that they are organising due to the different menu and service style options available today. This article discusses some factors that such people should consider as they design a catering plan for their event.

Special Guest Needs

Assess the list of guests and try to identify any special issues that need to be addressed as the menu is planned. For example, some guests belong to religions that bar certain foods. Similarly, some guests may have food allergies. Ask for any special requests that your guests may have so that the menu reflects those interests. For example, include gluten-free food in case some of your guests are on diets that restrict them from consuming gluten-rich foods.

The Guests' Professional Level

You should also think about the professional level of your guests if you want to plan a catering menu that will be unforgettable. For example, a catering plan for fresh graduates may not need to be as elaborate as a catering plan for top business executives that attend banquets on a regular basis. The business executives require an elaborate menu since their level of exposure makes them expect only the best when they attend events.

The Event's Schedule

The catering plan is also likely to be influenced by the schedule of the event. For example, it may be hard to offer plated service in case the time that you have allocated to dinner is limited. A buffet would be a better approach to dinner when the time is short. However, guests can remain seated and receive their plate of food in case several hours have been set aside for dinner.

The Venue

The venue of the event may also influence the catering plan. For example, some venues lack the facilities to prepare hot meals on-site while others do. Similarly, not all venues will be suitable for keeping cold food at the right temperature until it is served to guests. The menu items that you select should, therefore, be based upon what is practicable at the venue where your event will be held.

Event catering involves thinking about many factors so that an appropriate catering plan is developed. Additionally, consult an experienced caterer or event planner so that you can be helped to develop a catering plan that will make your event memorable for everyone who attends it.