As obesity becomes more prevalent in modern society, more and more people are looking to eat more healthily. While this is great for society, it can be bad for steakhouse managers, as red meats like beef are one of the most demonised foods in this health-conscious age. If you feel like your profits are dwindling because customers are avoiding eating steak, here are three techniques you can use to reel them back without making them forgo their new dietary choices.

Buy Healthier Beef

Not all beef is farmed equally, and the current consensus is that grass-fed beef is the healthiest choice. Most of today's cattle are fed on grain, and this has an effect on the nutrients in the meat. Cows fed mainly on grass (as they would have been before mass farming took place) have a healthier composition which offers numerous benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of grass-fed beef is that it's much higher in CLA than grain-fed beef. CLA is a nutrient which can lower the risk of a range of problems, including cancer, obesity, and heart disease. This beef is also higher in other healthy minerals like omega-3, vitamin A, and vitamin E, as well as antioxidants. On top of that, it contains more 'good' fats and less 'bad' saturated fats than grain-fed beef, and it's less likely to be full of hormones and antibiotics.

Buying grass-fed beef and offering it on your menu is a great way to attract customers who love steak but don't want the negative health effects of the grain-fed variety. 

Offer Healthier Cooking Methods

How do you cook beef at your steakhouse? If your chef's method requires the addition of extra fat or butter, you may want to think about offering your customers an alternative, healthy way of having their steak cooked. Generally, broiling, grilling, braising and pan-searing with no or little added fat produces a healthier steak that's lower in calories and more diet-friendly. Not every customer will want their steak cooked like this, but having the option available makes your restaurant open to foodies of all lifestyle choices.

Serve Healthier Sides

Some health-conscious restaurant-goers are willing to 'cheat' on their diet sometimes, making an exception for the occasional hearty serving of steak. However, sometimes these potential customers are put off going to a steakhouse because they know they'll be enticed by the delicious sides on offer. Offerings like creamy relish, fritters, and buttery vegetables can be too hard to resist, leading such foodies to resort to cooking a steak at home. If you'd rather have them eating at your restaurant, make sure you have some sides on your menu that are both tasty and low in calories, fat, salt, and sugar. Opt for salads, sauces with low-calorie ingredients like mustard and yogurt as a base, baked fries and steamed vegetables.