Getting the right water filter ensures that your water is safe from any contaminants. However, failing to change them when required is dangerous. This is because they are no longer fully functional, and the water you drink will be unsafe. It is therefore essential to know when the right time to replace them is. Below are some questions which will help you assess whether you need to change the water filters in your house.

What is the taste of the water?

If your water filter is working correctly, then the water you receive should be tasteless. Once you detect that the water has developed an unpleasant taste, it is a sign that the water has been contaminated. As such, it shows that the current water filter is not operational, and it needs to be replaced immediately.

How long has the current water filter been used?

To ensure that your water supply remains fresh, you should change the water filter every few months. This will ensure that the filter is always in excellent condition so it can safeguard your water from contaminants.

What is the smell of the water?

Drinking water should not have any smell. The moment that you detect an unpleasant smell every time you are drinking your glass of water, you need to review the entire system. Start by examining the water container to assess if some materials might have gotten into the tank. If the smell persists, you should replace the water filter since it might not be functional.

What is the nature of the water?

Different types of water have varying amounts of impurities. As such, hard water has more contaminants than soft water. If the water in your area is hard, then you might have to replace your water filter on a more frequent basis than in areas where the water is soft. Ask for clarification when you are purchasing the water filter so that you get the one which is best suited for you.

Have you detected any sediments?

If you are not sure when to change your water filter, you can be on the lookout for sediments. Pour the water into a glass and leave it for an hour. You should then check the bottom of the glass to determine if there are any sediments. The presence of residue is a sign that the water filter is not working appropriately. Once you detect any sediments, you need to replace the water filter.