Chinese and Asian cuisine is a diverse array of flavours, colours and textures all of which are loved by many across the globe. Chinese food served in an ever increasing number of Asian restaurants has deep roots in symbolic tradition. For example, long noodles are symbolic of a long life and dumplings signify prosperity and good fortune. When you fall in love with Chinese food you not only experience amazing flavours, but you also get to experience their rich culture and tradition. 

Chinese restaurants are now serving dishes prepared according to tradition and also in contemporary fusion forms to tantalise the tastebuds of the Western world. Here are some popular fusion dishes you may tried (or should try!) yourself:

  • Sesame Chicken- A popular dish in Asian restaurants, In this dish chicken is boned then coated with a special batter then deep fried. This crispy chicken is then dressed with, delicious red/orange, sweet and slightly spicy sauce consisting of soy sauce, corn starch, vinegar, chicken broth, and sugar.
  • Fried Wontons- a chicken or pork filling is placed inside wonton skin and deep fried. This dish is often eaten as entree in Chinese restaurants. 
  • Almond Chicken- Chicken is coated in a batter of crushed almonds then deep fried and served with almonds and onions. 
  • Chop Suey- a hearty mix of vegetables and meat in a rich brown sauce
  • Pepper Steak- This well-loved dish is a common item served at most Asian restaurants. This dish consists of sliced steak, bell peppers tomatoes and onions stir-fried with soy sauce, salt and sugar.

Here are more traditional Chinese dishes served at numerous Asian restaurants, however to get the best flavours make sure that you visit a notable Asian restaurant: 

  • Gong Bao Chicken- A popular Sichaun style recipe consisting of diced chicken, dried chilly and crispy sauted peanuts
  • Ma Po Tofu- If you love tofu then you simply cannot go wrong with this mouthwatering dish. Traditional Chinese restaurants usually consists of milky tofu, ground beef and finely chopped onion. Ma Po Tofu is distinguished by its spicy and hot taste brought about by a specific condiment found only in China.
  • Pecking Roast Duck- This dish enjoys worldwide fame by making an appearance in almost every Asian restaurant. It consists of a thin and crispy skin encasing a deliciously roasted duck served with either pancakes, sweet bean sauce or garlic sauce.

These are just some of the varieties served at Asian restaurants, visit a well-established restaurant today to explore the whole range of delicious Chinese food.