Food is one of the hallmarks of the festive season. And if you plan to host friends and family throughout the holidays, you will be expected to cook a lot of it! These expectations can be quite hectic to individuals who may not have adequate help in the kitchen. Moreover, spending hours on end prepping and cooking the food means time spent away from the actual party that you are hosting. A good option to splurge on during the holiday season would be event catering. Nonetheless, lunch catering is not just about having a chef whip up dishes for you and presenting them during each party. There are some things to bear in mind to ensure all your guests are catered to. Here are notable dietary considerations that you should have when opting for holiday catering.

Pregnancy dietary considerations

Most pregnant women will want to sample everything that you offer for your holiday feast, as their appetites will be ravenous. But, you still need to ensure that your pregnant guests are not at risk of harming themselves or their unborn baby by indulging in foods that are not recommended during pregnancy. If you are hosting an expectant woman during the holidays, steer clear from food items such as raw egg and fish. Your caterer can make the necessary adjustments so that your guest does not always have to ensure if the food fits their dietary requirements.

Vegan and vegetarian considerations

Undeniably, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles have steadily been on the increase in recent years. More and more people are leaning toward a plant-based diet in an attempt to live healthier. If you have some friends who have taken up these types of diets, it would be critical to bear their needs in mind, or they will simply end up picking at a salad during the festivities. Vegetarian dietary considerations are laxer as the only rule of thumb is no meat. Thus, you could serve up some animal-based products such as cheese or milk with no qualms from your guests. Vegan diets, on the other hand, would require more creativity as they prohibit all animal-based products. Inform your caterer on whether you will have vegan and vegetarian guests beforehand so that they can come up with an inclusive menu.

Gluten dietary considerations

Gluten-free diets, whether due to allergy or personal choice, can also be quite tricky to manoeuvre around. Since traces of gluten can be found in most dessert items, it would be imperative to give your caterer a head's up about this dietary consideration. Rather than desserts containing wheat, rye, barley and so on, your caterer could be creative with other ingredients for your guests.